Trade Franchise Management


Truck 300px Protecting and nurturing a brand is far more than defending the consumer franchise; it involves a tandem initiative against the trade — whose aims often diverge from the aims of the marketer. The management aspect of this initiative is to better understand the relationship between the trade and marketer and then to arm both the sales department and brand management with the tools to exploit these opportunities.

Specific Applications of This Service Include:

Trade Optimization Programs:to implement more effective and efficient spending tactics.

Distribution Volumetrics:that determine profitable targets of opportunity.

Account Promotion Analysis: to leverage “more bang for the buck”.

Account Profitability Studies:to apply store-level ROI and capture true spending levels.

TMI has found that Trade Franchise Management must operate with different tools and different methods of analysis than classic consumer marketing. In light of the huge investment in promotion spending, the more effective the trade franchise management, the greater the contribution to the bottom line.