Sales Support Systems


Sales Support Programs

Cans 300px Leading companies often view their sales force as "business managers", and yet many of these professionals have very little training or experience in areas like promotional analysis, personnel management, logistics, etc. This cluster of TMI services recognizes the need to educate, motivate, and arm marketers' sales forces to be as effective as possible in achieving the marketers' goals at both headquarters and retails.

Specific Applications of This Service Include:

Sales Communication:in ready-to-use formats for field personalization.

Sales Training:by reviewing product benefits for specific industries.

Sales Performance Incentives:that are crafted to be fair and motivational to all.

Broker-Distributor Motivation Programs:that glean extra effort at a modest cost.

Account Level Fiscal Reviews:to assist in determining “profitable” selling.

Sales Management vs. Business Management:for providing a new “vocabulary”.

TMI Assistance for Emerging Companies

Emerging and medium size companies are often at a disadvantage vs. the sales sophistication provided by big competitors. This problem can be confounded by today’s need for marketing through various classes of trade. TMI, with its multi-market dimensional experience, is often called upon to interact with sales organizations to bring them up to speed for exploiting fresh opportunities.