Pat Welch


Pat TMI’s Creative Director sees his primary responsibility as giving life and expression to the strategic concepts hammered out between TMI and its clients — whether a simple promotion, a national product introduction or anything else in between.

Pat’s background suits him well for this role. It includes extensive experience in major categories from food to finance (Coca-Cola; Allied Insurance), from toys to technology (Funlab; Intel), from medical to military (Westside Medical Imaging; The Armed Forces Store). His credits include agency art director, copywriter and creative director as well as brand management consultant.

Welch’s viewpoint on the creative evolution is, “It’s all the same: you’ve got to translate selling propositions into easy-to-understand executions that persuade people to buy. An in-store display or an FSI have the identical function; they just operate in different media but demand the same dedication to excellence”

His philosophical approach can be summarized by two giants of 20th century advertising:

Leo Burnett- “There is no excuse for a boring ad”.

David Ogilvy- “It ain’t creative unless it sells”.