Marketing Consulting


Consulting Woman30 Driven by the classic principles of marketing, TMI focuses on those aspects of marketing that are most critical to an integrated and complementary trade and consumer marketing expertise.

Specific Applications of This Service Include:

New Product Introductions:to ensure early distribution-building and support.

Distribution-Based Volumetrics:to reality-check your introductions.

Trade/Sales Force Research:to “speak to the trade in their own language”.

Channel Marketing Management:where focus is needed on single classes-of-trade.

Strategic Planning:that integrates corporate marketing with marketing to the trade.

Tactical Outsourcing:to bring Senior Marketing attention to small and medium size companies and their brands.

TMI senior staff members have actually launched new products, managed sales forces and brokers and served in senior management at consumer packaged goods firms. This bases our consultation services on a solid bedrock of reality. As opposed to other consulting services, TMI is prepared to assist in implementing anything it recommends.