Jon Polkinghorn


Jonp Jon Polkinghorn brings a multi-talented background to his responsibilities as Senior Account Manager. On an experience basis, he has demonstrated his capabilities with wine companies, foodservice organizations and advertising agencies. Dimensionally, Jon combines an education in business with several years of art school. He blends these two relevant areas of expertise with exceptional organizational skills to track client projects while at the same time overseeing budgets and timelines – and most importantly, supervising the look of the project and its capabilities to arrest the viewer’s interest.

Jon’s education includes San Diego State University, De Anza College and the San Francisco Academy of Art. At TradeMarketing, he has helped establish enhanced interior traffic systems as well as providing liaison to San Francisco’s art and printing resources. Clients find him accessible and professional in translating their needs to the TMI staff and delivering a superior "product" on time and on budget.