Anna Hoit


Anna TMI marketing coordinator Anna Hoit knows that to make programs work, it is crucial to check and double-check all details through the entire program’s evolution. Luckily, as a former editor of several school publications throughout high school and college she finds a distinct satisfaction in attention to detail.

In addition, her work with website developers has helped her to develop key skills in interacting with field sales personnel. “You have to understand the mind-set of sales professionals,” she states. “They are not detail oriented and often do not communicate completely. It is my job to assist them in delivering what they have promised to customers on time and on budget.”

Anna has held many active and diverse positions throughout her career, the most recent as a Membership and Marketing Director at the University Club of Boston. There she honed her coordinating, communication and facilitating abilities, which are put to use everyday in our clients’ programs!

As a valued team member, Anna brings to every program her professional promotional skills combined with a strong sense of consumer marketing. During frequent ideation sessions, Anna, as well as other TMI staffers, is able to contribute mixed viewpoints of both gender and age to the discussion.

Anna is a 2004 graduate of Ithaca College where she majored in art and art history.