Account Level Marketing



New Grocery As the name implies, Account-Level Marketing is the application of a marketer's promotional dollars to programs unique to a given retailer. This service acknowledges each major retailer's desire to be a marketing entity unto itself and allows us to adapt our programs together with the retailer. Thus the retailer has investment and ownership in the success of this joint effort.

Specific Applications of This Service Include:

Retail Marketing:which brings classic marketing executions to store level media and promotional vehicles to key accounts.

Class-of-Trade Promotions:to focus effort on specific channels and their unique needs.

Promotion Menu Programs:with a choice of promotional options - easy to execute and clearly understood by sales.

Account-Exclusive Initiatives :uniquely designed for top accounts.

Sweepstakes, Refunds, Coupons, Partnering, Sampling and Sponsorships

Co-Op Advertising: that translates promotion dollars into consumer media.

TMI provides turn-key services, from design through execution, to post-analysis. Our approach begins with a strategic and corporate definition of objectives followed by design of a workable program at the brand level. We then overlay volume and distribution requirements by key account and begin development of the most effective and efficient 'tools' your sales and broker forces can use.